• Wenatchee Schools, Police Endure Demanding Day

    It was a very stressful day for Wenatchee High School students, parents and staff, not to mention law enforcement, as three separate incidents kept everyone on edge. First, an anonymous tip was made this morning by a Wenatchee High School student regarding a rumored school shooting. Law enforcement was notified and […]

  • Mission Ridge Closes for at Least a Week

    As expected, the unseasonable warm temperatures have forced a temporary pause on Mission Ridge’s operations. The resort will remain closed throughout this weekend. Conditions permitting, Mission Ridge could re-open on Thursday, December 9th at 9:00 am. There is at least some good news: forecasted temperatures will […]

  • House of Representatives Close to Averting Government Shutdown

    The House of Representatives appears close to averting a government shutdown Friday night through another continuing resolution. 4th District Representative Dan Newhouse said the constant continuing resolutions are more costly for the government and make it very hard for the military to properly function. He blames […]