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Show Name:Hours On Air:Days On Air:Show/Talent
The Larry Elder Show12 - 3aMonday - FridayLarry Elder
The Hugh Hewitt Show3a-6aMonday - FridayHugh Hewitt
Laura Ingraham Show6 - 9aMonday - FridayLaura Ingraham
The Mike Gallagher Show9 - 12pMonday - FridayMike Gallagher
The Sean Hannity Show12 - 3pMonday - FridaySean Hannity
The Mark Levin Show3 - 6pMonday - FridayMark Levin
The Savage Nation6 - 9pMonday - FridayMichael Savage
The Lars Larson Show9 - 12aMonday - FridayLars Larson
The Dana Show12 - 6aSaturdayDana Loesch
Best of The Dennis Prager Show6 - 9aSaturdayDennis Prager
Weekends with Joe Pags9 - 12pSaturdayJoe Pags
Rush Limbaugh Week in Review12 - 3pSaturdayRush Limbaugh
Best of the Lars Larson Show3 - 6pSaturdayLars Larson
Front Lines of Freedom6 - 8pSaturdayDenny Gillem
Town Hall Review8 - 9pSaturday
Best of Dennis Prager9p -12aSaturdayDennis Prager
The Dana Show12 - 6aSundayDana Loesch
The Weekend 6 - 9aSundayJoe Pags
The Best of Mike Gallagher9 - 12pSundayMike Gallagher
The Best of Sean Hannity12 - 3pSundaySean Hannity
Best of Hugh Hewitt3 - 6pSundayHugh Hewitt
Armed American Radio6 - 9pSundayMark Walters
Bill Cunningham9 - 12aSundayBill Cunningham